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    one stop shop for all your seafood needs, we offer Retail, Wholesale, Logisics, Private Label, Packing, Re Packing, Custom Seafood Services, Quality Control. Come check us out or call us today and ask how we can help.

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    Retail Store

    Miami Fish House has the largest selection of Fresh Fish Wild Caught or Farmed at the lowest prices in town

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    Seafood Services

    - Logistics  - Cross Dock - Freight Fowarding - Product Re-icing - Refresh/Thawing - Re-Packaging - Re-Boxing - Custom Assembly - Heat Shrink - Shrink Wrapping - Temperature Controlled Processing - Inventory Control - Labeling - Date Coding - Bag Seal - Band Saw (Steaks, Center Cuts, Loins) -Blast Freezing - Re-Weighing - Bagging - Cooler/Freezer Services - Processing - Glazing - Pallet Exchange

Miami Fish House is your Store for Quality Seafood

                 Miami Fish House has a reputation for excellence and a determination to source and provide the highest quality seafood to our customers. We are proud to have an excellent relationship with some of the best fishermen around the World which allows us to source the freshest and highest quality seafood and have it shipped to our customers’ doorstep as soon as the next business day*. Seafood is our specialty, We sell to some of the top restaurants along the Florida coastline who demand the best and impose the most stringent standards on their seafood. All seafood is pre-ordered, so we never have excess stock waiting in a warehouse and potentially spoiling.

For this reason, we recommend that you place your order 3-4 days ahead of time so that it arrives at your doorstep when you need it. If a customer has a standing order, it is purchased and shipped the same day as soon as it becomes available. This way you never purchase seafood that has been in a cooler for multiple days. This is the main reason to buy from Miami Fish House; we know how to identify quality and select only the best.Miami Fish House is a family owned and operated business in the Miami area. When it comes to purchasing fresh Florida seafood, let Luis Sosa – a native to the Florida seafood market - help you catch the best deal.


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Miami Fish House

Likes providing its clients with Customized Specific Requirements including size and packaging, in addition to the distribution of its own brand. Our company is one of the few seafood companies that can provide same-day truck or air shipments worldwide. We also have the ability to accommodate specific packing and shipping requirements and utilizes a full-time quality assurance staff.