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is now offering
Co-Packing Services
Let us help you package you product and save time.

What is a co-packer

We can manufacture and package product for other companies to sell. These products range from nationally-known brands to private labels. Entrepreneurs choose to use our services of co-packers for many reasons. We can provide entrepreneurs with a variety of services in addition to manufacturing and packaging products. We can often help in the formulation of the product. We may function only as a packer or help you market your product.


What are the advantages to using us as your co-packers?

There are many advantages to using us as your co-packers. The most obvious is to reduce startup costs for your company. Capital costs of equipment and facilities can be enormous. Using us as your co-packer will allow you more time to accurately predict overhead costs due to manufacturing. Using us can also reduce lead-time in getting a product to market. We already have our processing lines in place making your manufacturing, packaging, and labeling a food product a matter of placing an order. Our groups of people have over 30 years in the packing business.


We have the proper regulatory certifications such as HACCP, FDA, USDA compliance facility, insurance, food industry contacts and sources to get the job done efficiently. We are familiar with quality parameters, food safety requirements, and shipping needs. We also have the proper facilities for receiving and storing Food Product and can arrange storage of finished product. We can also offer other services such as product stability testing, nutritional labeling, formulation assistance, and other product development services. ln addition, we can offer suggestions on packaging and labeling your product. We can assist you with a professional who can assist you in the design and marketing of your product. We can arrange palleting and shipping to meet your needs of the buyer




We specialize in vacuum pack with a state of the art machine.
We can vacuum pack any product. Price varies by size.

Custom Assembly
Heat Shrink
Blast Freezing
Shrink Wrapping
Temperature Controlled Processing
Inventory Maintenance
Date Coding
Band Saw (Steaks, Center Cuts, Loins)
Bag Seal
Cooler/Freezer Services
Pallet Exchange

We specialize in Seafood Services
• Filleting [1000 Pounds 0r Morel
• Re-Icing -
• Inspection Services
    0ut 0f Country Also Available
• Splitting
    (King Crab legs/Claws, lobster Tail/Whole
• Freezer Burn Removal [Under FDA Standards)
• Seafood Consultant
• Quality Control HACCP Certified

This are a few more reason why you should use u
• Our services cost a lot less than doing it yourself
• You can dedicate your time to branding & sales
• You can run your business from anywhere in the world